Monday, January 17, 2005

'Wireless London' at the AA

An interesting talk on at the AA tomorrow:

6.30 Lecture Hall
Wireless London and the AA:
Future Urban Infrastrustures
Usman Haque and Armin Medosch
Civic Communcations
Tuesday 18 January
Usage and development of wireless free networks, worldwide and in the UK, especially in London, has grown enormously in the last five years. This modular system will profoundly affect usage of the city, and it is growing into a new area of architectural concern. As the technology becomes more mainstream, the potential scale of these networks will expand into a component of urban infrastructure.

The linkages between wireless technology and the city seem to be gaining currency... a separate event tackling the economic development potential is being organised by BURA for the 2nd February in Huddersfield.


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