Monday, May 09, 2005

ICT and rural areas-- new report

A new report published by the the Commission for Rural Communities on ICT and rural areas. The report was put together by John Craig and Briony Greenhill of Demos. Some interesting points around defining the rural economy and how it is linked to urban economies, how they are interdependent and how the rural economy is becoming more 'urban' as people migrate from the city to the countryside to work. Broadband enables some exciting possibilities for some places to become more viable as people are able to work and live in the same place. But place is becoming more important, not less as people choose to live in areas which can service their needs. I suppose a wishlist might include the traditional attributes of the countryside (nice scenery, tranquillity, healthy environment) but also good schools, decent shopping, the odd good restaurant... As the report makes clear, there is a role for government in making sure that existing communities are not marginalised, while taking advantage of the inward investment made possible by improved communication links.


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