Saturday, September 10, 2005

Back from Outer Space...

A combination of holidays and work has kept me away from this blog... apologies to any regular readers Out There. A couple of interesting things to report...

New summary report from the ODPM Social Exclusion Unit on Inclusion Through Innovation. The aim of the project is to
assess how the innovative use of Information and Communication Technologies
(ICT) can be used to promote equality of opportunity and improve service
delivery and outcomes for society’s most disadvantaged groups as well as those
who live in deprived areas.

it's currently in the analysis stage-- the whole project is due to finish next year.
This report summarises the results of a questionnaire sent out to local and national service providers as well as charities. Most people agreed the digital divide was widening due to the cost of ICT equipment, lack of suitable applications, lack of training and lack of access to ICT. However there is an opportunity to increase access to services through mobile technology and the Internet. They will publish an action plan building on this later in the Autumn.

An article in the Economist about the digital home... they are skeptical to say the least. The vendors view of the digital home is of converged devices and networks... We have gone that route-- our PC houses all our music and is used to watch DVDs. All very well, until it broke. Now we have no music and no moving picture capability. We have to read books! And talk to each other! We plan to unbundle our entertainment system pronto.

And finally... a variant on the flashmob/ mobile clubbing phenomena... Mobile Movies (thanks Justin). It started in California (well it was hardly going to be the West of Ireland, weatherwise)and involves a car, some speakers and a projector, email and a random location. Here's their blog.


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