Friday, January 28, 2005


I keep finding conferences... although I've known about this one for a while. DOORS East (brought to you by the energetic DOORS of Perception people) is an event "devoted to social innovation in a network society using ICTs as support". Sounds great. Lots of interesting speakers including Usman Haque, who gave an interesting overview of his work at the Wireless London event and will be presenting at PLAN next week. He does get around.
I particularly like the sound of the following:
- Chris Downs and Lavrans Lovlie from LiveWork-- service designers who will be speaking about systems and infrastructures for car sharing.
- Natalie Jeremijenko. I like the sound of her project Stump– a software programme which rewards users with tree rings each time a tree’s worth of paper is used... nice linkage of the virtual and the physical.
- François Jégou co-producer with Ezio Manzini of the exhibition Sustainable Everyday. The picture that emerged, says Jegou, was that of a ‘multi-local city…a city in the shape of a network of places endowed with totally new characteristics”.
- Younghee Jung-- fostering social interaction in online places
- Stefan Magdalinski founder of FaxYourMP (a great site)... looking at how new applications evolve when communities get Internet access. His blog is here Must read when I get the chance!
- Alex Steffen from
- Esme Vos from
- Jimmy Wales, creator of the Wikipedia
- Suzi Winstanley & Harriet Harriss-- their design practice was set up 'to explore the interaction between people, buildings and technology, especially in the workplace'.


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