Monday, February 21, 2005


Some links from the latest DOORS newsletter-- always loads of interesting links and thoughts from them...
- A report on 'free zones' as sites for creativity-- areas left unplanned...

- A blog on squatters by the author of a book on the subject called Shadow City

- Online markets for time... sell 'slivers of time' online... very interesting. Must read in more detail.

From the telecoms-cities mailing list:
- Locative media blog from a member of Mobile MUSE (see below)
Good report here on the PLAN event mentioned last month and report on Urban Tapestries

- Mobile MUSE (Media-rich Urban Shared Experience) website -- a Canadian project 'exploring new technologies in combination with social demands, to discover ways wireless applications can create personalized, effective, interactive services'.
They define Mobile Urban Culture as:
A look at the social habits of mobile consumers…They are:
On the go: don’t spend all their time in a single place
Meet new people: have opportunities & incentive to expand their social circle
Stay connected: maintain relationships through regular shallow contact
Everyone has one: Mobile phones are ubiquitous in their social circles
Program me in: Mobile phonebook is main contact list
(Amy Jo Kim, Expert, Stanford University)


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