Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New applications from MySociety

Upcoming projects from MySociety.org-- the people who brought us FaxYourMP.com and TheyWorkForYou.com. I like this one in particular-- PledgeBank. The idea is that people would like to influence good causes but don't like to act alone. PledgeBank will let people pledge that they will do something if so many other people pledge to do it too. Interesting to see how it might be used by charities or even privately.
I also like GiveItAway which will help people to donate their stuff to charities. Might it be an ebay for donations? This could be really useful.
Interesting contrast between their approach (bottom-up low cost solutions built by a non-profit) to the more top-down approach of the National E-Markets (market run by corporate private entity).


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