Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Anarchitecture Week

It's Anarchist Architecture Week in the UK: 17th-26th of June. I particularly like the sound of this event:

The A-Z of Retail Trickery
2.00pm Friday 18th June

Meet outside Centre Point London

A tour along the UK’s most famous high street, stopping to look at all of the tricks that shops use to get people to spend more. Shops are designed to maximise profit and shop designers have developed dozens of tricks to ensure you spend the maximum amount of time and money in their store. Ever wondered why there are escalators up but only stairs down? Ever wondered why supermarkets smell of freshly cooked bread when they only bake in the mornings?
All this and more…

Not sure when it's on though, as the 18th of June is Saturday not Friday. All part of the mystery I guess... Lots of other good stuff too, including a tunnel walk, the Lambeth Ladies Open and the Tube Train Trapeze.

It's also Official Architecture Week (the website is remarkably similar), again lots on but really doesn't sound quite as inventive. Full programme is here.


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